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Heavy Transport Detailer

Heavy Transport Detailer

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This role reports directly to our Site manager, and GM / Owner of The Truck Cleaning Company ( TTCC )


  1. High-quality washing & detailing of our customers' trucks, buses, caravans, diggers, helicopters, airplanes, trains and any other heavy transports.
  2. Build more sales through great customer experience and satisfaction.
  3. Develop customer relationships to ensure the client's full satisfaction with our level of service.
  4. Attracting new work or opportunities for the company through quality of work and customer relationships.


As a H.T.D ( Heavy Transport Detailer ) you are charged with the following responsibilities:

  1. To protect the customer's property, privacy, and trust while working on their premises and in care of their equipment.
  2. To abide by the Vision, Uniqueness, Guarantees, Performance Standards and Culture of The Truck Cleaning Company.
  3. To uphold the image of The Truck Cleaning Company and achieve maximum chargeable hours, and high level of customer service.
  4. Communicate clearly with Office to ensure projects are done on time and to client's specific requests.
  5. To ensure all data entry is recorded accurately, through mobile devices, and TTCC's systems.
  6. To ensure all customers receive the highest level of attention, respect and quality of service.
  7. To driving company and customer vehicles in a safe professional manner at all times.
  8. Ensure the Mobile Detailing Van, is kept clean and tidy. ( Customer’s first impressions matter )
  9. To present yourself in a clean and professional manner when on-site at customer premises.
  10. To work as team when on-site with other technicians.
  11. To maintain open and clear communication with: Our Customers, Technicians, Manager and the Owner.
  12. To help develop and implement systems that will aid in providing high quality service in a prompt manner.
  13. Stock management for your Van's cleaning supplies to ensure you are always equipped for every job.
  14. Efficient time-management, to ensure all projects are on time, accounting for weather and traffic conditions.
  15. Acting as the first line of defense in answering any customer concerns on a job, or with their vehicle or property.
  16. To collect & process customer payment on completion of service.
  17. Any other duties as may reasonably be required to fulfill the role.
  18. To behave in accordance with OSHA safety regulations, including the proper use of all safety gear required by the site.


Technical knowledge you will need:
( some training will be provided in certain areas )

  1. Operating of cleaning equipment     and maintenance vacuum, generator, etc.
  2. Operating of vehicle equipment     and maintenance checking oil, water, radiator etc.
  3. Processing of credit cards via     hand held device.
  4. Asking for referrals.
  5. Upselling of services.
  6. Safe & environmentally     responsible use of chemicals and cleaning products.
  7. Use of mobile phones and     handheld devices.
  8. Filling of wash bins.
  9. Correct washing procedures for different vehicle types.
  10. Operation of specialized truck gear.
  11. Waste water protocols.

The person you are expected to be:

  1. Heavy transport enthusiast!
  2. A keen and ready learner.
  3. Positive bubbly personality.
  4. A love of customer service.
  5. A person who speaks positively     with good intent.
  6. A clear communicator.
  7. A team player, you will often be working with teams of 4.
  8. Honest, reliable and cheerful.
  9. Well presented and groomed.
  10. A great problem solver.
  11. Enjoy helping others.
  12. Accurate and methodical.
  13. Work unsupervised and     efficiently.
  14. Acting in the company’s best     interest.


Reward what you will get in return:

  1. Full time employment with     flexible hours.
  2. Opportunity to progress through     the organization as it grows.
  3. Deal with influential New     Zealanders and business leaders.
  4. Sole charge working     unsupervised.
  5. Your own Vehicle and handheld     device.
  6. Ongoing training and coaching.
  7. Part of an exciting company     going places.
  8. Customer satisfaction through     great service.
  9. Building long-term     relationships with regular clients.
  10. Be part of an energetic team.
  11. Meet new and exciting people     from all walks of life.
  12. Work in different areas around     Auckland.
  13. Work outdoors in the sun and     fresh air.
  14. Great remuneration - best paid     for this industry.